How did you become a model?

I started modelling when I was 21 just before I graduated college. I was studying performing arts for 5 years but I wanted to continue acting through modelling because I wanted to take a break from learning lines for a bit. Modelling is like acting, it shows my expressions without lines

Richie Smith
Photograper: Richie Smith

What was your first break in the industry?

My first published work was on “ameatur photography” magazine. Very small image but I was very happy and excited. That was one of my aims and I’ve done it!

Kevin dorgan 2Photographer: Kevin Dorgan
Hair and makeup: Vicky Calderbank

What’s one of the most interesting shoot that you’ve done?

That’s easy. The photographer name is Nicola Selby with Marc Huntington and their team. Gorgeous building and amazing outfits. In fact the images got published online on Italian vogue. I remember which pictures too. Can’t forget about this.

Who’s your favourite photographer you’ve done a shoot with and why?

I can’t just pick one. First is Kevin Dorgan. I have worked with him for 6 years. Easy to get a long. We quickly get an idea and see what works. He knows my level I’m comfortable with and he knows I can get bored with one outfit for to long. A quick 10 to 20 minutes. Other photographer is Chris Route. I have worked with him for a good few years. I was nervous talking to him because I was following his work for couple of years so I was like a big fan of him. Chris is another person that’s easy to get a long with, very quick organising and few quick snaps of pictures then next look. Few of our work got published

Photographer: Alison Mcmath

You are currently at Big condo Fashion. How’s model life at Big Condo fashion?

For the first time in ages, I felt like I fitted in, maybe because I gone matured. I enjoy talking to them (Gemma and Royzy) even though I live in Preston and they are in Liverpool. They are busy but always have a bit of time to reply. I enjoy doing their catwalk shows and I can be myself. Their models are lovely and easy to get a long with. We all compliment each other.

Could you describe your routine at a fashion show?

Well…first is fooooood. I carry a meal and some snacks in my bag. I love my food ?Then it’s makeup and hair and find outfits that fits me for the show. Drink plenty of fluid because I can get headaches. Practise walking on the stage then show time.

Chris RoutePhotographer: Chris Route

Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

  • Quirky
  • Beautiful
  • funny
  • kind
  • Honest

Which make-up brands are you using?

I am using MAC foundation as my skin is senstive and I reckon the foundation is spot on for me. I don’t wear a lot of make up. I always have simple make-up, mascara, a bit of blusher and lipgloss and I use any brand as long it doesn’t effect my skin

Nicky Selby 1

Vogue Italia
Photographer: Nicky Selby
Designer: Silivia Hoya-Mena
Hair and makeup: Donna Graham

What is your all time favourite movie and why?

Right….this is a tricky to answer because I love a lot of films. ‘Titanic’ and ‘See no evil, hear no evil’. Titanic has great actors and very lovely story, who doesn’t like Titanic?. The other film is hilarious and great actors again. 

Kevin DorganPhotographer: Kevin Dorgan

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Yes! I get ask the questions about where and how do they start.

First get few different varies of pictures with good photographers. If you want to have a model agency at one point, I can recommend few agencies and shouldn’t pay for any agencies. Worried about posing? you’ll get there but also wear heels and have music on because it does help. Lastly don’t think about the pose just go with the flow. These are the things I’ve been told in my second year of modelling.

To book Erica Bixby contact Big Condo

Tom CairnsPhotographe: Tom Cairns

Chris Route 2Photographer: Chris Route

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