Top 5 Gemstone Jewelry Trends of 2018

2018 –Top 5 Gemstone Jewelry Trends
Gemstone jewelry is always popular. Whether it is a small and delicate gemstone drop pendant or  a sparkling multi gem cabochon necklace, gemstones add some sophisticated glamour to an outfit.  Check out our guide to the most popular gemstone trends in 2018..

The birthstone for February Amethyst varies in color from a reddish tone to a violet purple. It has been popular since ancient times and was a favorite with royalty. These days an increase in the supply of amethyst has made it a more affordable gem. It’s affordability and range of color tones  allows  jewelry designers to create some beautiful amethyst necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gems with colors including  peach, pink, gray and yellow, although blue moonstone is the most sought after .  It is the birthstone for June  and is thought to have healing properties.  Since ancient times moonstone was believed to bring good fortune and the Ancient Romans and Greeks believed moonstone was created from parts of the actual moon!

moonstone drop necklace

Silver and Amethyst Station Necklace
rose quartz and silver necklace
Modern Vintage Style 

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone with colors ranging from a peachy pink color to pale pink.  Much of rose quartz is cloudy  and has a translucent appearance.  It is often used for beads and  carvings. It is sometimes called “The Love Stone” . It has high energy and is thought to promote love in all situations, including family love, friendships and romantic love.

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 in its namesake country Tanzania. It varies in color from violet to a deeper blue color.  It is often used in jewelry as a more affordable sapphire substitute, however it is a beautiful stone in its own right. It’s hardness is slightly  lower than amethyst ,making it more appropriate for necklaces and earrings, rather than rings.

Sapphire is a highly valued stone and the violet blue hues are most sought after, making some beautiful jewelry. Some violet sapphire may have a similar look to amethyst ,however it has greater brilliance and hardness and is much more expensive. Some sapphire gemstones can show color change from violet to a more red- violet under certain light conditions.

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