Noneillah’s Political Fashion Statement Pieces

How activism is becoming fashion’s latest Trend

Montclair NJ- Naomi, the son, was a victim of this sickening killing epidemic that was caused by Coach USA bus company deadly bus driver Wilson Romain whom they have not eradicated for driving. She shares with us as tears flowing from her eyes that the bus driver had run over her son twice while he was at the front door knocking to enter on the bus then dragged a distance. She, also stated that her only child did not deserve to die gruesomely like the way he did. Her son was a well know underground Hip-Hop/ Rap Artist, Kean University college student, Essex County College student, Montclair High School honor society student, Montclair State University prospective student, an employee for Home Depot, entrepreneur, Founder of Noneillah, caregiver and remarkable son who was caring for his disable mother.

Naomi was inspired to create this collection by two things. One of the inspirations came from Channel 5 news reported interviewed with an NJ Transit spokesperson denying the astronomical ratio death caused by their bus drivers is false. The other one is by her only child/son 22-year-old Deshon Johnson and his friend/ next door neighbor 21-year-old Christian Nobel Ross who too was killed by Coach USA/NJ Transit bus driver five months and 26 days apart for one of another in different towns. Sadly, to say, both of these young lives were killed in vain, and their bus drivers walked away free from their death. Along with the mishandling of their case by the Essex County Vehicular Homicide Prosecutor. So, Naomi, use her son’s Noneillah collection as a platform to expose the corruption through clothing. Naomi believes if you’re ready to announce something; why not express your point of view on your clothes. So, if the message is powerful, it’ll speak for itself.


Fashion Designer Naomi told us how she has become annoyed by her handmade designs were always being mimicked. She continues to tell us how she has to do something that will make her see Noneillah’s political fashion collection copied to help spread the words; something that would be a good thing to see replicated.’ So, I came up with designing a collection of online and newspaper clipping collage articles of innocent victims killed by an NJ Transit and Coach USA deadly bus drivers.

The Prosecutor Corruption

Naomi put her designs on T-shirts, Hoodies, Bodycon dress, pencil skirts, leggings and sneakers that you could read from 200 yards away, carrying strong political, environmental and social messages.

I don’t care if I’m the only person putting this out there, these things have to be said.’ Moreover, then birth it into the universe, you realize that you’re not alone with the suffering by the tragic death of your loved one’s life taken in vain by NJ Transit and Coach USA hired murders. Including treating your family life as if it was not important by covering up their loved one’s death with corruption for money. 


Once you put your story out into the cosmos, then we realized we have so much more in common than we have apart.” We all must come together to create an alliance to combat these wicked people of the Justice System who are covering up our loved one’s death with corruption. Also, protecting the criminal who murders our loved ones with a bus.

The Noneillah Political Fashion Statement was designed to expose the massive, deadly bus driver killing pedestrians who were hired by the state, and independent transportation company-hidden under the NJ Transit umbrella. Naomi, I wanted to design a collection that makes the boldest statement; which speaking the facts and statics of NJ Transit and Coach USA increasing death rate casualty on citizens. The rising death rate is an upheaval in New Jersey; which isn’t a surprise.

It has been shown by NJ Transit/Coach USA bus companies head people, and Justice System that they embody cold hearten emotion towards humanity and safety imperfection with her son’s case. This collection is the voice for the victims killed in vain without justice being correctly giving caused by the bus drivers. In the same manner; show his or her beliefs in a way to advocate for injustice caused by political favor between the prosecutor, police, attorney, judges and NJ Transit/Coach USA corruption.

We reveal Naomi’s graphic designs to her political fashion statement that shines the light on this horrific act of legalized murder by bus companies.  In addition to the vital distinction of revealing the political exploitation between NJ Transit/Coach USA bus companies and Essex County Vehicular Homicide Prosecutor Detective.

All of these innocent lives murder by bus drivers are human beings that need justice and viral media publicity behind these massive killings. Which, should not be ignored or dismissed. These bus companies and police/prosecutors need to stop creating a diversion in blaming the victims for their death and take the blame off the bus driver. Naomi felt that someone needs to shed some light on this misfortune situation. Thus, she posted models wearing Noneillah’s Fashion Statement pics of clothes on social media to support the victims killed by deadly bus drivers operating a bus as the murder weapon.  Simultaneously with issues in the political forum. Sometimes fashion is much bigger than the clothes it is the backstory that tells the story of the designer influence behind his or her creation.

Fashion is always about change and making a statement that speaks volume of who you are or what you are conveying about yourself-Naomi is doing just that.  It is way overdue for corrective action implemented for these bus driver’s outrageous behavior.  Naomi speaks about the frustration about how the justice system mistreated her son death case and her. Also, how the bus driver who killed her son and was never charged, yet he is still operating on the bus with a bad driving record that put other people lives in danger.


Now it is the time to announce the corruption of this act of genocide caused by our state-run transportation company. This season for New York Fashion Week, you will see women, women, and minorities wearing Noneillah Political Fashion Statement message on the runway.

Indeed, the collection will bring recognition for the victims obliterated in vain by a dangerous bus driver. Additionally, the Noneillah collection is made with soft stretch cotton that is comfortable. The plans for Noneillah is to donate half of its proceeds to the Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Foundation. 


To summarize, wearing political outfits or slogan fashion statement is a style that can help speaks volume to Noneillah fashionable campaign. If you are ready to announce something; why not say it on clothes, footwear or accessories like Noneillah Brand.

The Noneillah garments “Express themselves” in making a political fashion statement. Are you ready to be a voice with Noneillah fashionable cause for the victims who are unable to speak?


Photos by Mr. Don Pittman

Models: Marie Shayne Lao, Naomi Johnson,

Photo: Deshon Johnson and Frederick Ramirez
Sean Mason and Keanna Bryant

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