The Watch Everyone Is Talking About

Introducing the watches that are on every IT-List this Summer. Designed by Ross Banna who believes in looking at things differently and in appreciating the harmony and elegance in minimalist design. We have learned to declutter our ideas and move away from complexity, striving instead for simple, classic and timeless beauty by paying attention to the tiniest details.


Inspired by Art and contemporary architecture, the Ross Banna brand lies in creating designs that enhance and complement the simplicity of modern design. These principles – simplicity, elegance and minimalist beauty have inspired one of our proudest achievements to date and we are delighted to introduce their fabulous new range of Ross Banna watches.

These characteristic timepieces have been designed with care to bring you accuracy and quality that you can trust, alongside a sophisticated look that complements your natural class. A Ross Banna will add the perfect finishing touch and make you feel truly special.

Introducing the Cornice

Cornice watches are undeniably beautiful to look at, with 38mm classic dials, simple day and date displays for practicality, crystal clear glass and stark eye catching colors. They are designed to look good and feel good and manufactured to give the highest possible performance, quality and resilience. Whatever outfit you’re wearing and whatever the occasion you’ll find that a Ross Banna Cornice is perfect for setting you apart from the crowd.

Mies van der Rohe coined the famous phrase ‘less is more’ and this is something that they firmly believe to be true.

The Cornice 5ATM is water resistant, so there’s no need to worry about wearing it in the shower or even swimming. The face is encased in sapphire crystal glass, a high quality glass that is naturally scratch resistant and endurable. The displays are easy to read and adjust and the straps are soft, supple, comfortable and interchangeable. You can change the straps to suit your mood, your outfit or your occasion and every one of them is manufactured to the same high standard using genuine calf leather, which improves with age so is perfect for longevity and resilience.

Perhaps you’re wondering what architecture has to do with watch design? The founder of Ross Banna is an architect and has been inspired to bring the artistic qualities of minimalism and postmodernism to life in a range of accessories, starting with the Cornice. Watches are statement pieces; they make a statement about the wearer – so why not choose to make that statement one of classic principles and artistic license? This is our inspiration and we know that you’ll love how the Cornice makes you look and feel.

Shop Ross Banna Here.



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