The Ultimate Guide To Hair Extensions 101

As a hair extension connoisseur I feel as though I am so qualified to inform those of you who are newer to extensions, the best (and worst) ways of applying them.

When it comes to hair extensions, there is truly an unlimited amount of options to choose from for application. After getting my first set of hair extensions installed had just fell in-love with the long luscious locks I had always dreamt of.

After years of lightening and straightening my thin hair I had endured a lot of breakage leading me to opt for a quick solution: hair extensions. Although I don’t recommend using hair extensions on a consistent basis I do recommend them for a few months at a time and making sure to take breaks in between for healthy strands.


Clip in Extensions  are a great option for beginners who have never used hair extensions in the past, or and aren’t quite sure if they want to make the commitment. They are also a great option when taking breaks from more harsh extensions that can leave your hair somewhat damaged. These extensions are also a great option if you are looking to wear your hair extensions on particular occasions rather than a day to day basis.

Clip in extensions typically are packaged with about three wide strips of hair as well as 4 more narrow pieces, that all contain clips which fasten securely to the scalp in layers. After sectioning your hair, these clips can be attached layer by later to complete a bombshell look.

10″-22″ Thick Double Weft Clip In Hair Extension Set

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions are weft-like strips of hair that are sandwiched together using medical grade tape over your natural strands. They are lightweight and stay flat to the head, which makes them undetectable. They are also quick to apply, a full application takes just 45 minutes and they are reusable. They do however, need to be moved up as your natural hair grows out, about every 6-7 weeks.

This option is perfect for someone with fine strands who is looking to add more volume and thickness, and a little length to their natural hair. Here’s a tip for maintaining lasting tape in hair extensions: Avoid oils anywhere near the tape area as this will make them slip. Also keep up-to-date with maintenance.


20 Piece 50g/pack Remy Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Extensions

These are also known as micro bead extensions, and they consist of individual stick tips of hair that are attached strand by strand using a tiny, metal ring to secure them in place. To apply, a section of your own hair along with a strand of extension hair is looped through a plastic ring and pulled up to the scalp, and secured in place using a set of pliers and clamping down the ring.

They are reusable. They don’t require heat or glue, or other chemicals that may irritate the scalp, ensuring that no damage is done to the hair. Micro ring extensions can also last up to three months with the proper care and maintenance. They should be pushed up on the scalp once a month as your natural hair grows out to keep the beads hidden.
These are an excellent option for someone who is looking to dramatically change their length from short to long and doesn’t mind spending that bit more time in the salon. They can also be used to fix a bad haircut, or to add color in the form of highlights.

Keep these extensions in by making sure to always hold the hair when brushing it and sleeping with a loose braid to avoid twisting and matting of the micro ring.

Remy Human Nano Ring Hair Extensions Two Tone

Weave Extensions

Weave extensions consist of tracks of hair that are sewn onto braids or a row of micro rings. They are a great option for those who have thicker more coarse hair and would like to add both volume and length. Unfortunately they can be more visible on those with naturally more fine strands.

A great piece of advice would be to treat these extensions just as you would your own hair, buy washing and conditioning regularly and using a heat protector when using hot tools.

Extension Pro Tips

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundle Weave

Tips For All Hair Extensions

  • Try not to dye your extensions. Extensions are usually fairly processed and need to be handled with care. Using bleach and harsh chemicals can cause hair extensions to fray and become thin.
  • Also try to use hot tools sparingly with hair extensions, to preserve them and keep them looking shiny and voluminous.
  • Make sure to use a looped hair extension brush and to hold the extension when brushing so you don’t tare your natural hair out.
     Professional Hair Extension Brush
  • Make sure to deep condition your hair with a mask as well as the hair extension on a weekly basis to extend the life of the extension and the health of your natural hair.

Strivectin Hair Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask


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