The Hottest Destinations for Summer Vacation 2018

In much of the United States, frigid winter weather is a somewhat recent memory, but that’s okay with us because summer has officially arrived. There is no time to waste in booking your summer vacation (it’s not too late for all the procrastinators out there).

Google has just released its list of the top trending destinations for summer 2018 and Florida and California are the most popular domestic hot spots this year.

Wait, just a minute, we can’t forget Hawaii which comes in at #1. Three of the top trending domestic destinations are located in one of our most beautiful states, Hawaii.

Here is a count down of the top 5 Summer vacation destinations this summer according to googles trusty search rankings.

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fey New MexicoThe southwestern U.S. is a desert queens paradise, and even though the temps crank all the way up in the summer (remember to hydrate), there are few vacations as legendary as a trip to the national parks in and around New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

4. Kona, Hawaii

4. Kona, Hawaii

Kona is one of three gorgeous Hawaiian vacation destinations that made it onto Google’s top five list.

3. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

The tiniest state in the U.S. offers a perfect New England summer vacation. Make sure to check out Newport Rhode Island while your on this trip (pictures above). It is home to some of the most iconic, historical mansions along the beautiful coastline. It truly is a sight to see.

2. Kahului, Hawaii


Located in Maui County, its no surprise that this stunning oceanside city made the list.

1. Kauai, Hawaii


The most quiet and serene island of Hawaii would have to be Kawaii making this the #1 top spot to summer vacation at on the list. Although this island has recently suffered from mudslides, this beautiful destination is recovering quickly.

Are you looking for something a little more international this summer? Some other top destinations around the globe for 2018 include: Moscow (which took the top spot), followed by Da Nang, Vietnam; St. Petersburg, Russia; Zanzibar, Tanzania; and Langkawi, Indonesia. - Unique Tools for Frequent Flyers

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