8 Decor Items That Will Enhance Your Living Space

There’s no place like home and it’s truly all in the details. Today, we’re sharing the 8 most important small decor items to include in your space that will instantly enhance any room.

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1. Textured Throw Blankets

Chanasya Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Cozy up your space with textured blankets that soften up the mood. A great throw blanket helps break up a bland white sofa in no time, and they are easy to swap out as your taste evolves and the seasons change.

2. Accent Lighting

Safavieh Lighting Collection Crystal Cube Table Lamp

Everything looks better in soft lighting. Overhead lighting should be avoided at all costs (unless its a dimmer). Not only does this elegant lamp create effortless mood lighting, but it adds an elegant sculptural element.

3. Greenery

 Set of 2 Large Faux Green Cacti Succulents

Whether you opt for fresh living plants or a faux no maintenance option, adding greenery will enhance the vibe of any room in your home. This easy addition will instantly transform your space to look pulled together and sophisticated.

4. Seasonal Coffee Table Books

 Tom Ford Hardcover Book

Coffee table books are the perfect piece to infuse personality and color to your living space. You can quickly swap them out to work well with every season. Whether your books are focused on travel, fashion, or even decor, it’s a great place to bring in a little piece of what’s important to you while also adding extra visual interest.

5. Memories

4×6 White Picture Frame

Let your home tell a bit of your story, by adding some scattered memories throughout. These personalized framed memories will add warmth and character to your living space in a cinch.

6. Signature Scent

Jasmine Soy Wax Candle

Create an ambiance with scent by simply adding some lovely soy wax candles to your home. Adding a soft fragrance will give your space a signature feel that you will enjoy coming home to. You can purchase unique candle holders or opt for a bold statement candle like this.

7. Accent Mirrors

Star Shaped Metal Mirror With Gold Trim

Mirrors can add a statement, especially when they’re used in a small space. They move light around, make the room feel luxurious, and add instant sophistication. Place these in a gallery wall, above a table or by a unique furniture piece.

8. Sculptural Pieces 

91voR5IPDwL._SL1500_ Ethan Allen Entwined Brass Sculpture

Every tabletop needs something with a little height to feel complete. Bringing in a sculptural element enhances the entire scenery by creating dimension and making a cohesive statement.

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